3 Extensions To Make Your Customer Shopping Experience Perfect

The successful online business is all about customer experience. The main aim of each vendor is to provide the experience will be positive for growing loyal and happy customer’s database. We suggest you three kind of must-have extensions for your Magento 2 based store for streamlining your customer shopping experience.

With the ‘add-to-cart’ functionality you can create pleasant shopping experience or as it usually happens with the native Magento functionality of this type, you can put your customers off shopping at your store forever.

If you an owner of the Magento 2 based store, you certainly need to install Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart. Why? Imagine the situation when you have found a good product. The first thing you would like to do is to add it to cart and there is a strong possibility that you will buy it. But you are still in doubts and would like to continue searching to find something better.

However, you will discover the following problem. The deal is that the native Magento functionality will send you to a product page as soon as you click the ‘Add-to-Cart’ button instead of simply adding a product to a cart. It’s terribly inconvenient and takes much time.

This is the difficulty which Magento 2 Ajax Add To Cart is assigned to eliminate. With this extension, customers are able to shop seamlessly. After it is installed there is an add-to-cart pop-up to collect products without making customers to leave the catalog. Moreover, this pop-up can be enriched by the additional information like a brief product description, product rating, and a number of product reviews.

Checkout is the final step for making purchases. The highest abandonment rate is observed just here. You should do your best to minimize this rate and provide all the orders are finalized. The native Magento functionality is not able to grant a fast and seamless checkout. So you’re in an urgent need of one-step checkout.

The numerous studies have shown that the loading of the additional page is the primary reason why customers leave stores without shopping. With the Magento 2 One-step checkout extension, all the information needed for completing the purchases is available on one page.

With a well-organized checkout page, you can increase sales and cut abandonment rate. There are some one-step checkout extensions for Magento 2 which along with all the functionality described can offer the report on abandonment. It’s actually a perfect opportunity for store owners to track which step has made customers frustrated.

In a scope of non-shopping reasons, the puzzled navigation stands alongside the complicated checking out process. According to the statistics, 79% of customers take the decision to replace a store with a frustrated navigation by the one, which offers a simple and convenient navigation.

The native Magento functionality doesn’t allow choosing several attribute values within the same filter that makes the whole navigation difficult. Applying the Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 you easily eliminate various navigation complications.

The conversion rate decreasing is a result of a poor user experience. But having reliable solutions able to improve your customer shopping experience you have more chances to escape this kind of pain. Invest your time and money in perfection your customer experience and get surprisingly high sales rates.

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