I-Phone and Android apps that help you lose weight

With the “New Year New me” trend fast approaching I thought it would be the perfect time to give you a list of brilliant I-phone and Android apps designed to help you with weight loss!

It is that time of the year where we let go a little, Christmas parties are going on everywhere you turn and who can resist a minced pie?

So I have compiled a small list of the best apps to download if you need a little helping hand with your weight loss journey!

My Fitness Pal: If you are a calorie counter then this is the app for you! Tracking your calorie intake is as easy as scanning a barcode with this free app! Simply scan any packages or manually input your food and the app will not only save your meals for the future, but it will also track your calorie intake, your macros and your weight loss! You can create a plan with the app by adding your weight loss goals. AND you get access to a huge database of healthy recipes to try out! There is a premium version which will set you back a mere £3.33 a month!

Runtastic: If running is your bag then this app works to coach you through your runs! The app uses GPS to track your distance ran as well as the route, it will also keep note of your average pace, and calories burnt. Runtastic will also save every run so that you can compare your progress! There is even a selection of training plans available so you can really tailor your workouts! Again, this app is free to download, and you can pay £7.99 a month to go premium!

EatFit: Your best friend when dieting! This clever app will assist you in making the best dining out choices for those occasions where you can’t avoid a social gathering, or you just want to treat yourself to a night off cooking! EatFit will use your location to source the best eateries nearby, and it will pick out the available meals that suit your specific weight loss goals! It is free to download and is incredibly handy when out and about!

Walking for Weight Loss: This is the only app I have found of its kind, and it does what it says on the tin! Using a training programme that involves walking coupled with interval training the app gets you burning calories without even realising it! Perfect for beginners as it is low impact exercise that has a big impact on the waist line! When I was at the Bali weight loss resort I used it religiously and it helped me so much on the program. The app uses audio instructions so you are confident in what you are doing, and similar to Runtastic it will use GPS to track your walks!

These are just a handful of the fantastic options on the market, and if you are willing to spend a few pounds you can get even more intricate versions without breaking the bank!

Losing weight has never been so easy!

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