Transfers Your Old Film or Analog Video Tapes to DVD or Digital Video

Vhs/ vhs-c/video 8/digital 8/hi 8/betamax/beta sp/digital betacam/mini dv/dvcam/hdcam/8mm film/super 8mm film/16mm film/35mm photographic prints/35mm photographic negatives/scan all photos any size up to 11″ x 17″
“Great transfers are not just for today but for tomorrow” is the slogan of NYC Audio Video Conversions, and according to the newly formed company with offices both in New York City and New Jersey, they live by this slogan. NYC AUDIO VIDEO CONVERISONS prides themselves for being more of a scientific company versus your standard run of the mill video copy place. “We operate in more of a white glove kind of way as to ensure the preservation of the delicate video and film material that in some cases can be over 50, sometimes even approaching 100 years old” says the lead audio/video technician Dee. “So we have 2 video transfer rates, our standard rate, which can be found on our page, these are digital transfers straight to a DVD or digital file exported in the MPEG4 codec, which is great for standard viewing on any computer or DVD player. And then we have our professional rates, which broadcasters, archivists, video editors, television producers might be interested in if their aim is to achieve the highest fidelity for their transfer, which we might use a much higher quality codec such as an high resolution uncompressed standard definition QUICKTIME file, or a QUICKTIME H.264 HD codec for high definition transfers.” says Dee.

For about $20 – $60, everyday customers can send their old VHS tapes, or Hi8 tapes to NYC Audio Video Conversions and they will get a DVD back in the mail with their old footage on it, pop it right in their computer or DVD player and enjoy their old memories, which are priceless! NYC Audio Video Conversions can even put your videos on a thumb drive so you can stick it in your computer and even share the files with family and friends over the internet, now you can enjoy those precious family memories with relatives miles away so they can all share in the happiness and wonderful memories. And don’t forget, if you have any old audio cassettes, vinyl records, reel-to-reels/micro-cassettes or any other analog audio format, don’t forget NYC Audio Video Conversions can transfer those too and can put those on an audio CD for you that you can play in any CD player or computer, they can even put the audio files on a thumb drive so you can easily share the files with family and friends! NYC Audio Video wants to make it easier for you to enjoy your precious memories! You can find NYC Audio Video Conversions on or contact NYC Audio Video Conversions directly through their website:
NYC Audio Video Conversions is owned and operated by 360 Sound And Vision Ltd. 360 Sound and Vision is an independent media and technology company located in NYC.

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