10 Crazy Secrets about WhatsApp That Will Blow Your Mind

There are literally hundreds of WhatsApp tips and tricks you can use on the WhatsApp to market your products and services. No doubt, WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging app today in the digital mobile world and that is why every successful digital marketer wants to use it to market their brands. Marketing and advertising is all about communicating the right message to the right audience successfully and WhatsApp can help you communicate your marketing messages to the right audience. No matter where are you from and what are you doing on WhatsApp messenger app, the below 10 crazy secrets about WhatsApp will make you smarter –


  1. Capture selfies with WhatsApp Flash Effect – A problem you often face is taking selfies in the dark if your smartphone does not have the flash option for selfies. There's no need to worry any more about this issue as you can add flash effect from the WhatsApp Selfie Flash. You just need to open your WhatsApp camera and click flash icon appearing on left of the capture icon (Refer yellow circle in the below image).


2. Listen audio privately without earphone – Are you in a public place and you don’t have earphone but you want to listen the private audio messages from WhatsApp without speaker phone? It is very simple, just play the audio and put your phone against your earphone and you will be able to listen to the same audio file through the internal speaker privately as you do when you call and nobody else will be able to listen to your audio. Just try this interesting and useful tip.

3. Send Bold, Italics or Strikethrough Text in WhatsApp - Want to send rich text formatted message on WhatsApp? For sending bold messages type an asterisk (*) before and after your text like the below image -

For sending italic messages type underscore (_) before and after your text like the below image -

For sending Strike-through messages type tilde (~) before and after your text like the below image -

4. Change Fonts on WhatsApp – For changing the fonts on the WhatsApp message type three prime symbols ( ′ ) before and after your text like the below image –

5. Send blank messages - Want to amaze your friends sending blank message on WhatsApp? For sending the blank message on the WhatsApp app type three prime symbols ( ′ ) before and after your blank space like the below image –

6. Read messages without the sender knowing while you can know (hide two blue ticks and last status) – No need to change privacy setting just be smart and read messages on WhatsApp without letting know the sender and hiding the last seen option. The best thing is about this tip is that you can read others last seen and reading receipts without letting them know that you have read their messages. Now read messages of your friends on WhatsApp go online on WhatsApp when you are ready to reply. To do so you need to install this app from Google Play – “Shh No Last Seen or Read”

7. Send messages with stylish fonts – Want to be more stylish on WhatsApp? Download “Fancy Text Generator Pro #Free” app from Google Play Store and impress your friends, colleagues and clients sending cool blue text messages on WhatsApp.

8. Use WhatsApp on Computer Browser - Now you have no need to install any software on your computer or laptop to use WhatsApp, simply you can use the same WhatsApp on the both - your phone and computer. Simply type https://web.whatsapp.com/ on your chrome browser and you will find a QR code that needs to be scanned by your phone. Now you can use WhatsApp on your computer.

9. Transfer files from PC or to PC – Want to share your files, images and videos from computer to your WhatsApp friends? Want to transfer files from your computer to phone or vice versa? Just use WhatsApp on your chrome web browser as discussed in the above step and transfer the files, images or videos from PC to your friends through WhatsApp or if you want to transfer the files to your own mobile then just send them to your second WhatsApp no. or any friend and then find the same file from your mobile’s sent items on the WhatsApp.

10. Get WhatsApp notifications on your Desktop – Want WhatsApp notification on your PC or Laptop? Simply use WhatsApp on the chrome browser of your PC or Laptop and then turn on desktop notification on WhatsApp from your chrome web browser and enjoy getting WhatsApp notifications on your PC.

Bonus - Prevent the automatic downloading of images or video – Want to save your data and space on your mobile stopping automatic downloads of WhatsApp files, images, videos and audios? Click three dots shown above the right side of WhatsApp and then click setting and then data usage and as per the below image select the options from media auto-download.

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