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Are your loans getting rejected? 

More than 79% of loans are rejected due to poor CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Ltd) score.

The more lenders you apply for loan the poorer your CIBIL score will be. Al types of your loan (Home Loan, Credit Card, Vehicle Loan, Business Loans, CC or OD  limits) approvals depends on you CIBIL Credit score. Hence, Digital Sathi suggest you to check your CIBIL score before applying and of-course you can do this free of cost. Getting CIBIL report free of cost is simple just follow the below four steps -

  1. Click here and complete the attached form now!
  2. Enter you PAN card  number, Date of Birth, Email Address, Gender, income type and monthly income.
  3. Authenticate yourself answering 3 to 5 questions about your loans or credit cards.
  4. Now download and save your free CIBIL Score and report free of cost.
  5. Your CIBIL report will have 3 sections. Personal information, details of your loan and your credit score.
  6. If there is any mismatch between your accurate information and CIBIL report, not need to worry you can resolve the discrepancy applying resolution form on CIBIL website.

Why pay for CIBIL score report?

Why apply for a loan without knowing your CIBIL score?

Your ability to access loans depends on your higher CIBIL score. Lalit Bhojwani 


Ready to get your free report?

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